Will this mount compatible with my TV?

Mount compatibility not decide by TV screen size, It’s depends on your TV mounting hole pattern.

In the back of the TV , there are 4 threaded screw holes for TV mount, most TVs are follow VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) mounting standards; Check your TV's owner's manual for mounting guidelines, looking for the word "VESA" followed by a number, which tells you horizontal and vertical distance between mounting holes in millimeters.

If you have the TV, Measure both horizontal and vertical distance between the 4 threaded screw holes in the back of the TV. Since the VESA standards are in millimeters instead of inches. Use following table find the VESA number (width and height in millimeters)

For example, if the mounting holes are 7 7/8 inch apart both horizontal and vertical, it’s VESA 200 x 200 or VESA 200. It the mounting hole are 11 13/16 inch apart horizontal (Width), and 7 7/8 inch vertical (Height), its VESA 400 x 200.

With the VESA hole pattern and your TV’s approximate weight information, check the TV mount specification, see if it fits your TV. 

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