How to turn off front blinking blue signal light?

The front PTZ indication LED can be turned off from browser ( Internet Explorer) .  Here is a screencast for the process.


Download and install Pixpo IP tool

First you need download and install our IP camera discover tool to find the cameras IP address. Please download our IP discovery tool from following link:

After download, run the program. You may see following screen block the program to run, click to more info, and then Run anyway

If your Firewall blocks the app, click on Allow access


Find camera IP address and access web interface

Pixpo IP tool automatically discovers and displays Pixpo IP camera on your network. You can see the IP address and port number of your camera.

Note that the PC computer running Pixpo IP tools must be on the same network segment (physical subnet) as the Pixpo IP camera.


Double click the IP address on left panel, will open your web browser,  (you also can manually type in IP address and port number, in this example will be “http ://” )

The default user name is admin, no password, leave the password field blank, and then click OK.

(In case you lost password, you can find the reset button at the bottom of the camera, use a pin to push and hold the rest button for 10 seconds, after reset, the default password change to 888888 )


Click on one of top two options base on the browser your using.

If you just need access the camera settings, you don’t need download and install the activeX plug in.

Click on the camera setup icon in the right bottom corner, will bring camera setup menu


Disable the signal LED in PTZ settings

Click on System Settings, and then click on PTZ Settings. In Signal lamp section, click on the down arrow, change the value to Disable, then hit Submit button. The front blue light on your camera should be turned off.

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